Air Album lets you create, share and manage
albums together.


Albums together

Air Album is a collaborative way of sharing images. Create and share your favorite places, locations or social events with your friends and family. Air Album is social media as it should be, collaborative, fun and inviting.
A guestbook in the cloud
All the shared memories of a summer home can now be stored in one place but managed by your whole family or friends. Just set up the album, add a password and you're good to go.
Sharing is easy
By having an album open to people at a geolocation, all the images people contribute is added to the album directly and can be downloaded and viewed by everyone.

Memories are shared, so we made albums work the same way

When you go to a party, a wedding or a event everyone at the event shares in the moment. Air Album lets you share images in real time with each other. #nomorehashtags
Security and privacy
Hashtags are not hidden from uninvited people. With Air Album you can set a password and only let your guests add and see images.

No more sending
Gathering all images after an event can be quite bulky and cumbersome. With Air Album, you get all the images straight away.

Explore your surroundings

There is always new places to see, visit and experience.
With Air Album you can find local events, resturants or parks. Whatever you're looking for Air Album will help you find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Policy

At this moment in time the only data we collect is crash dumps generated by Crashlytics for Firebase. This is only to improve stability and make sure the user interface is bug free. We do not store any other information than the one provided by your Goggle account to be able to log you in. Your images can be removed at any time per your request.

Feature Request

We would love to hear about your suggestions and any bugs you might have found. Please send an e-mail to:

Is There An Android Application?

Not at this moment but we will develop one if the iOS application starts seeing usage.

Where Are My Images Stored?

All images uploaded to Air Album is stored on our servers in Sweden and are subjected to our terms of service. For more information please read the user agreement and the terms of service.

Who Are Behind Air Album

Air Album is a business venture between Martin Lagus, Patrik Qvarnström and Marcus Grönblad. We all have different technical backgrounds working in IT with extensive experience and knowledge of software development.
Missing an answer?
Please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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So we are live on iOS!

Air Album is currently live on iOS, just click the link and try it out!